life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass
it's about learning to dance in the rain!

Friday, April 22, 2011

solemn day

solemn day
good friday
grass grows ragged high

tulips are a screaming red
with pale white daffies
sitting close by

sleep was good
though the dogs danced
at a little before 6
both lawn mowers need work
so the grass has a reprieve

i have several pieces of yardage to cut
cindy has been productive
in weaving the orders
i must step up to the plate
to finish the job

spring has exploded here
over the last several days
green in so many shades
of pale fresh

i find it hard to move quickly
in the morning
don't want to
simply want to savor the moment

house is so so dusty
construction from the hospital
dogs in and out
has never been this bad

i am off to shower and fluff
tea has grown cold
day must begin

yesterday, i thought i might actually stop in
at corpus christi church sometime today

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

whirligig frozen

two days ago
brown mucky mess
this morning
it wears
coat of
white trampled snow

air temps
in single digits
locked movement in place

life sometimes
this way

Sunday, February 20, 2011

sunday and....

a year ago or so
i began to knit again
adrianna's august birthdate
was my motivation
sweaters to knit
for the first grandchild

last year
with the speed of weaving
with the speed of knitting

six or seven sweaters done
for the munchkin-to-be

then i turned my attention
to hats
a different challenge
two hats for the munchkin
hats for friends who are battling cancer
hats for my niece and grandniece
hats for friends who are simply
and finally a hat for me

i understand now,
the concept of how to knit a hat!

next challenge
and this one has been a challenge
over the last three weeks
i have knit
and un-knit
and then
un-knit again
these two simple handcoverings

my patience has been tested
my eyes crossed and uncrossed
as i picked up the tiny stitches

the length is good on the second
needs to redone on the first
the thumb space is wrong on the first
need unravel, again, the thumb on the first

i am quite confident
that by the time i finish
these mittens
i will understand
a mitten
or two

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


still holds
the garden

no longer
pristine white
beaten down
a dirty coat
sullied by dogs

garden waits
waits for

Thursday, February 3, 2011

morning wanders

still in jammies
i know i know
not being a "grown up"
who showered fluffed
and zipped out the door
to make their mark on
the world
or at least
to generate cash
to pay the bills

just made a soup
slowly camelized a sweet onion
shredded white potatoes, carrots
added a sweet one, as well
added garlic, of course
as well as a bit of ginger

had an organic veggie broth,
whose flavor does not quite scintillate
added the last of the spaghetti sauce
a bit of red wine
and a dollop of white corn kernels

it sits
it simmers
while my
mind wanders
this thursday day

Thursday, January 20, 2011

winter's thoughts

i feel winter's shadow
sitting my shoulder
not as heavy
as in year's past

it's there
and yet
am almost pensive
at sun's slow return
to longer days

it seems
we should have
longer nights now
as winter's cold
moves into our bones

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

full wolf moon....

Full Wolf Moon--
so named by the Native Peoples
of the northeast for the howling done
by hungry wolves in
dead winter.

dead winter
why consider winter
to be dead?
cold holds
the earth
cold surrounds
my home
cold permeates
my studio

i dress in layers
socks on toes
that hope not be

i walk the garden
crunching snow
scooping the dogs' gifts"
glancing at
the brown skeletal
remains of
last year's growth

and as i wander
i sense the quiet
the peace that comes
within this resting season
that unseen forces play
cells divide slowly
waiting for the warmth
knowing they are alive
simply waiting
knowing the cold is
but a passing thing

Sunday, January 16, 2011

sunday sun a day.....

two weeks into this new year
two weeks
two odd weeks
for myself and
others that i know

weird happenstances
a certain degree of
but still
chaos all the same

sunday morning's almost done
saturday was spent
not on the computer as planned
but cleaning this home
stripping the bed
washing drying folding
seeking to find order amid the chaos

this moment now
a chicken roasts
with glaze of red wine, honey, brown mustard
and red rasberry jam
surrounded by carrots, onion and potatoes
cats sleep
dogs wander
and my day waits to continue

friday had a special treat
went over to my niece tasha's
to bring cameron to school
dylan, the almost two year old was prancing around
clad in blue and white striped pj's,
with red elmo slippers on his feet
he was corralled
plunked in high chair
for his morning repast
so sweet.....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the garden this morning

the garden this morning
white black brown
with flashes of red
dashing round
dogs black blurs

Sunday, January 9, 2011

sunday morning's almost all

slow start to this day
slow start to this week
i won't be raking
leaves this sunday
won't be wandering
round this day
won't be savoring
the last rose
of summer
my cup of tea and i
will simply sit
and be

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

monday was
almost like september with
anticipation of the first day of school

printed out
my envelopes for each month's
updated the studio production files
for this new year
paid, again,
for my website's domain name
am still looking for the program disc
to be able to work on the site again
this computer crashed last year
younger son, jason, fixed this one
all the site files and the program
disappeared as well...
with day to day happenings
the website became
one of those
"i'll take care of it tomorrow" projects
only i never
decided when tomorrow was to be

with this new year.....
tomorrow will happen
and happen sooner than before

in moments between
my head
and my thoughts
will go to the garden bench
desiring to move the leaves
to sit
to think
to be

Monday, January 3, 2011


one can't do much in a winter's garden...
only pick up the odds and ends
neaten up the place so to say
wander around
examine the bare bones
and, while doing that
wander back into memories
rocking chair sits at back garden's edge
one from north carolina
a "porch rocker" held my older son and me
when he was small babe in arms

years gone by
more years than i wish to count
chair shows its age
as i must show mine....

early janus

one can't do too much in a winter's garden...
only pick up the odds and ends
neaten up the place so to say

wander around
examine the bare bones
and, while doing that
wander back into memories

this rocking chair's from north carolina
a porch rocker
was one used when my older son was
a baby...,, memories